Digital Supply Advisor™

Improve forecasting, eliminate uncertainty, and enhance supply chain resiliency.

Transforming the Defense Supply Chain

Healthy supply chains are paramount to delivering critical parts and information to the warfighter to ensure mission readiness. However, many systems lack the ability to fit models appropriately to specific parts, causing poor forecasts due to inconsistency in demand, which results in stockouts, excess inventory, increased carrying costs, and other issues.

Using AI to Deliver Insights

The Digital Supply Advisor product predicts future demand and lead times and understands key risks that may disrupt the supply chain, enabling leaders to improve supply chain resiliency.

The Digital Supply Advisor product achieves this by ingesting both historical information on the specific parts being assessed as well as external data like weather, shipping/routing information, and supplier business information for actionable insights. Through continuous learning via AI, the Digital Supply Advisor product creates more accurate predictions over time.

Reduced Item Waste

Delivers the most accurate demand forecasting, reducing waste and the risk of item cannibalization

Increased Savings

Reduces the likelihood of item shortage or surplus issues, creating significant savings exceeding millions

Minimized Supply Uncertainty

Improves forecasting over time as environments, conditions, and needs change, minimizing uncertainty across the supply chain

Improved Forecasting

Improves model accuracy via continuous learning, enhancing forecasting performance over time even when factors change

What Defense Customers Can Expect

98% of aircraft in a recent GAO report faced supply support challenges such as parts shortages, delays, unexpected replacements, and obsolescence of parts.

DSA Whitepaper

Learn How the Digital Supply Advisor™ Product Enhances Supply Chain Resiliency.

White Paper: Improving Demand Forecasting and Supply Chain Health with AI

The accuracy and timeliness of supply forecasts represent the input to the DoD’s downstream supply chain that at its end delivers on-demand support to warfighters. Simply put, accurate demand forecasts are the difference between delivering on promises or missing commitments.

Learn more about how the Digital Supply Advisor™ product leverages artificial intelligence to ingest and analyze supply inputs to deliver impactful insights.

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