SparkCognition Government Systems Brings Cutting-Edge AI to Naval Exercise

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AI company demonstrates the power of digitizing ocean data during International Maritime Exercise 2022

AUSTIN, Texas, February 15, 2022SparkCognition Government Systems (SGS), the first artificial intelligence (AI) company devoted entirely to government and national defense, announced its participation at International Maritime Exercise (IMX) 2022/Cutlass Express. IMX/CE 2022 is not only the largest multinational naval exercise in the Middle East, but also the largest unmanned maritime exercise in the world with more than 80 unmanned systems from 10 nations participating. SGS joins more than 9,000 personnel, 60 partner nations and international organizations, and more than 50 ships to show the power of aggregating sensor data, imagery, and acoustics into AI models that spot abnormalities and prescribe solutions in real time.

A combined task force called Task Force X was established to allow participating forces to test unmanned systems and artificial intelligence in different training scenarios, and ultimately apply the lessons learned to future real-world operations.

SGS leverages proven commercial technologies and customizes them to meet government customers’ needs, ultimately empowering mission readiness, enhanced decision making, and efficient operations. These solutions have an open architecture, are hardware-agnostic, and can be easily integrated with SGS’s allies and partners. Through its participation in IMX/CE 2022, SGS is demonstrating how intelligent software transforms physical systems’ capabilities by applying SGS’s world-class solutions, built with AI, machine learning, and natural language processing technologies, to maritime missions. These enhanced missions lead to increased efficiency, reduced costs and asset failures, and increased warfighter and civilian safety–especially in the case of life-saving missions.

“At SGS, we are focused on helping operators and analysts leverage data from a wide variety of sensors and sources across multiple domains to help improve the speed and quality of decisions on the battlefield,” said Logan Jones, President and General Manager of SGS. “The hardware-agnostic technologies we built are transforming the way government and military leaders around the world are thinking about security and mission readiness–and as a key participant of the IMX exercise, we’re pleased to help build the future of national security.”

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SparkCognition Government Systems (SGS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of SparkCognition, is the first artificial intelligence (AI) company devoted entirely to government and national defense. By developing and operationalizing next-generation AI-powered systems, SGS enables government organizations to meet the needs of their most pressing national security missions. SGS advances government operations by analyzing complex data to inform and accelerate intelligent decisions, applying predictive and prescriptive analytics to improve logistics, deploying autonomy technology for power projection systems, using AI and machine learning for large-scale processing of unstructured data, and more. For in-depth information about SGS and its offerings, visit

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