We Enable Mission Readiness

We are the first full-spectrum artificial intelligence company that leverages proven commercial technologies to meet the needs of the most pressing national security missions.

End-to-End AI Capability

We offer a full technology stack for data management, data science, and scalability to provide end-to-end solutions that help achieve readiness requirements.

Technology Maturity

Our proven, commercially deployed AI technologies have over seven years of market maturity, ensuring enhanced capability and readiness across a diverse set of missions.

Unmatched Experience

Our team is composed of data scientists, technologists, and industry experts who are exclusively focused on delivering AI solutions to meet your unique needs, making it easy to deploy and scale.

Deep IP Portfolio

We have amassed a rich portfolio of national security and AI-focused IP, demonstrating our deep understanding of how our technology can provide value.

Data Security

Our AI solutions were built from the ground up with security in mind at every layer to keep your most sensitive and valuable data secure.


We believe that experimentation is vital for innovation. We are dedicated to advancing the state of the art to ensure government customers maintain their competitive edge.

Different By Design

Leveraging proven commercial technologies, AI expertise, and decades of combined national security experience across our distinguished leadership team and board of directors, we deliver tailored solutions designed with government needs in mind to meet readiness requirements.

Mission Areas

We are committed to ensuring warfighter readiness across a diverse set of missions.

Optimize asset performance using predictive technology to increase uptime and availability.

Upskill and augment team members for the mission at hand, enabling greater focus on higher priority tasks.

Streamline processes, mitigate uncertainty, and enhance decision-making for maximum efficiency.

Proven results

Found opportunity for an aircraft OEM to avoid 73% of unnecessary part replacements on military jets

Delivered solution with 95% accuracy prescribing maintenance fixes for aircraft maintainers

Identified an est. annual savings of USD $100M from over procurement of supply for a logistics organization

Solutions for Mission Readiness

We are committed to ensuring warfighter readiness across a diverse set of missions including maintenance, supply chain and logistics, distribution, and beyond.


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