Digital Maintenance Advisor™

Predict problems, prescribe solutions, and enhance decision-making for increased asset availability.

A New Approach to Fleet Maintenance

Asset availability is critical to warfighter readiness and mission success. However, an aging asset fleet, experienced maintainer shortfall, disjointed historical processes, and the inability to capture critical tribal knowledge make it difficult for personnel to consistently maintain large and complex fleets.

Using AI to Deliver Insights

The Digital Maintenance Advisor product leverages AI to ingest and analyze disparate data sources, identify faults, troubleshoot, and prescribe fixes to critical assets including aircraft, ground systems, naval vessels, and more. 

Through natural language processing, the Digital Maintenance Advisor product can utilize unstructured data such as handwritten maintenance logs, PDF documents, and other formats to deliver insights that enable rapid decision-making to improve asset availability.

What Defense Customers Can Expect

Increased Readiness

Reduces the time to diagnose and fix maintenance issues by up to 25%, maximizing fleet availability

Enhanced Decision-Making

Provides expert insights to enable faster decision-making, reducing the time to trace fault codes and recommend the best corrective actions

Improved Inventory Forecasting

Identifies the problem and fix to reduce unneeded part swaps, providing a more accurate picture of required inventory

Boosted Efficiency

Integrates with maintenance systems to simplify workflows and reduce double data entry, increasing overall process efficiency

Improved Performance

Upskills work capabilities by capturing tribal knowledge, enabling better training and skill development plans for personnel

Experts estimate that predictive maintenance can increase aircraft availability by up to 35%.

Learn How the Digital Maintenance Advisor™ Product Increases Fleet Availability

White Paper: Aviation Readiness with the Digital Maintenance Advisor™ Product

An aging aircraft fleet, young and inexperienced maintainers, and inadequate parts supplies have made it increasingly difficult for aircraft availability to keep up with operational tempo (OPTEMPO).  Furthermore, it is estimated that 80% of that data is useless for most AI driven analysis.

Learn about how the Digital Maintenance Advisor product leverages artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) to ingest and analyze a range of inputs to deliver incredible insights.

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