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SparkCognition Government Systems Named to NatSec100 2023 by Silicon Valley Defense Group (SVDG) for AI Defense Solutions

AUSTIN, Texas, [July 10, 2023] — SparkCognition Government Systems (SGS), developing trusted artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for defense and national security, today announced that it has been named to the inaugural NatSec100, a ranked list of the top 100 venture-funded defense and dual-use startups, published by Silicon Valley Defense Group. This recognition highlights SGS’s ability to deliver advanced technological capabilities vital to U.S. national security.

The NatSec100 ranks companies based on who are the comparative front-runners in the defense and national security space each year. To compile the list, SVDG took into account the company’s engagement with the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineer’s 14 Critical Technology Areas, including trusted AI and autonomy, and private conversations with the Department of Defense and intelligence community. SVDG also analyzed headcount growth, total capital raised, and fundraising momentum (represented by the recency of the last financing round), to assign a weighted score to each company.

“Silicon Valley Defense Group’s first-ever NatSec100 is a ranked list, carefully constructed to remove biased metrics, and is meant to kick-start conversations about the growing energy and momentum of venture-backed startups in the national security space,” said Sam Gray, SVDG Executive Director. “SparkCognition, and all the companies on the list, should be justifiably proud of their accomplishments.”

As a wholly owned subsidiary of SparkCognition, SGS delivers AI solutions to address the critical needs of governments associated with defense and national security. Their technology ensures smooth edge-to-enterprise deployment, with AI abilities that generate insights wherever needed and enhance decision-making capabilities. SGS’s open-architecture and hardware-agnostic solutions enable seamless integration with allies and partners, allowing for swift and effortless assimilation of various data types and sources. This recognition follows an Air Force Research Laboratory Award to SGS for expanding AI-powered maintenance across the F-16 fleet.

“With our advanced technology, we empower governments with actionable insights and intelligence to meet the evolving defense requirements of the modern era. By enhancing mission preparedness and optimizing operational effectiveness, our next-generation solutions deliver exceptional value,” said Logan Jones, President and General Manager of SGS. “We’re honored to be named to the inaugural NatSec100 list for our cutting-edge AI defense solutions and our commitment to strengthening national security.”

To learn more about SparkCognition Government Systems, visit www.sparkgov.ai.

About SparkCognition Government Systems

SparkCognition Government Systems (SGS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of SparkCognition, is the first artificial intelligence (AI) company devoted entirely to government and national defense. By developing and operationalizing next-generation AI-powered systems, SGS enables government organizations to meet the needs of their most pressing national security missions. SGS advances government operations by analyzing complex data to inform and accelerate intelligent decisions, applying predictive and prescriptive analytics to improve logistics, deploying autonomy technology for power projection systems, using AI and machine learning for large-scale processing of unstructured data, and more. For in-depth information about SGS and its offerings, visit www.sparkgov.ai.