of mass shootings since 2006 were carried out in a government building.


The number of shootings on US military installments since 1993.

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Studies have shown humans watching video feeds begin disengaging after just twenty minutes.

While tighter control of access to buildings and installations, personal identification badge systems, metal detectors, gunshot detectors, bullet-proof film, active shooter drills, additional security staff, and human-monitored camera surveillance can all be important elements in an installation’s security protocol, they are reactive in nature and often limited in function.

Studies show that humans struggle to sustain focus when monitoring video surveillance feeds. Perhaps for this reason, CCTV is more commonly used for post-incident investigation—irrelevant for preventing attacks and saving lives when real-time action is the crucial factor.

“A human can look at things once or twice, but after 100 times they start to lose their edge. AI goes beyond what a human can do, because it doesn’t get tired.”

Lt. Gen. Bob Elder, Air Force (Ret'd)
Chair of Cyber and Emerging Technologies Division at the National Defense Industrial Association

CCTV systems equipped with advanced computer vision technology (Visual AI) can analyze data feeds in real time to identify issues as they occur and take immediate mitigating action. Leveraging computer vision technology, SGS Visual AI Advisor utilizes a base’s existing camera infrastructure to proactively detect everything from a weapon to an open door, unauthorized access, or even a fire. Key capabilities include:

  • Automatically detect threats, security breaches, and developing situations.
  • Transform data into real-time actionable insights.
  • Shorten time to action when every moment counts.

How AI Improves
Base Security

Acting as a force multiplier

Leveraging the power of AI, Visual AI Advisor can provide base security teams information in real-time, acting as additional warfighters to support key personnel.

  • No data scientist or programmer is required.
  • Commercially, over 130K cameras are under contract.
Deploying in days, not months

SGS Visual AI Advisor creates simple, fast, flexible deployments with pre-built models focused on high-value use cases.

  • Low-code/no-code integration framework.
  • Uses existing camera infrastructure.
  • Pre-built AI pipelines enable various use cases.
Enabling shorter decision cycles

Every second matters in preventing an event at a base or installation, by utilizing AI-powered technology, information is shared faster to take action quicker.

  • Leverages real-time CCTV data feeds.
  • Automates the capability to alert security personnel to real-time threats.

Solving The Problem


Visual AI Advisor draws from a portfolio of over 120 pre-built machine learning models to take base safety to a new standard. With its proven ability to learn, understand, and react to complex scenes and multi-frame activities, Visual AI Advisor provides high-value use case protections for military installations against unpredictable and dangerous threats—providing a multidimensional solution for a multidimensional problem.