The operating system for enhanced productivity.
Equipment Health
Monitor and visualize health of assets.
Quality Control
Visual inspection to scan for defects.
Increase Throughput
Leverage predictive/prescriptive insights to streamline workflows.
Predictive Analytics
Predict and avoid unplanned downtime.

Industrial AI Platform’s Monitor module empowers expert teams with live monitoring of KPIs and multi-asset, hierarchical, action-oriented, 360° visibility.


Normal behavior modeling allows teams to identify risks to equipment via gradual or sudden degradation, compare to previous incidents, and retrain models per changing conditions to minimize false positives.


The Prescribe module increases visibility into your downtime and work order data. Analyze by system, component, or time
to identify failure patterns and initiate recommended maintenance orders with resource estimation.


The Plan module provides no-code tools to evaluate outcomes given variable conditions and helps engineering teams explore control parameter settings to optimize specific KPIs.


Create, edit, and extend 2D and 3D asset hierarchies using different image types to enable visualization of operational data for processes and systems.

Studio Apps

Industrial AI Platform’s built-in Studio Apps speed time to value to build and deploy machine learning models, integrate insights from diagrams, maintenance manuals, etc., and use semantic search, summarization, and citation features powered by private LLM integration.

SparkCognition Government Systems Industrial AI Platform is a comprehensive, modular AI solution to address important digital transformation challenges for the military-industrial sector.

Industrial AI Platform helps operators extract faster and more accurate insights by using award-winning, patented AI/ML technology in neural networks, supervised and unsupervised learning, natural language processing, generative AI, and knowledge graphs.

Perfected over ten years of real-world commercial engagements serving the largest brands in energy, manufacturing, transportation, and utilities, the IP inside SGS Industrial AI Platform has yielded impressive outcomes in past deployments, including:

  • 10x ROI improving O&G production efficiency across multibillion-dollar operations investments
  • Averting more than $100K in potential downtime costs per predicted failure event for an O&G supermajor
  • Delivering a 5% production efficiency gain for a top 50 beverage manufacturer while avoiding over $1M in maintenance costs in a single plant.
  • Predict app overcomes noisy data issues to reduce information overload while providing advance warning when true positive alerts need priority attention.
  • Prescribe app helps maintainers take timely action to investigate and resolve problems.
  • Monitor app is the ultimate KPI dashboard for a 360° view of all operations.
  • Plan app helps to explore control parameter settings to maximize throughput and workforce utilization.
  • View app enables 2D and 3D asset hierarchy visualizations to aid in troubleshooting processes and systems.

SGS Industrial AI Platform for Defense


SGS Industrial AI Platform for Defense provides a scalable solution that harnesses the power of AI to enable real-time KPI monitoring, proactive maintenance systems, and 360° visibility into operations, enabling defense manufacturers to extract actionable insights from configurable data pipelines connected to structured and/or unstructured datasets. By reducing complexity, increasing visibility, and unlocking predictive insights, SGS Industrial AI Platform is a prime example of proven commercial sector-to-military-sector technology that will benefit our national security today and strengthen our competitive advantage tomorrow in the rapidly evolving AI era.