ML Studio

ML Studio uses automated model building to remove barriers and reduce the time to market for developing AI and machine learning (ML) solutions.

NLP Studio

NLP Studio unlocks previously unavailable insights and knowledge within unstructured data using natural language processing (NLP).

Knowledge Studio

Knowledge Studio transforms tribal knowledge and subject matter expertise into an AI-powered knowledge base that delivers the right insights at the right time.

Visual AI Studio

Visual AI Studio is an end-to-end computer vision platform compatible with CCTV, PTZ, drones, etc. for quickly designing, building, and deploying computer vision solutions at scale.

Generative AI Studio

Generative AI Studio provides enterprise-ready infrastructure and workflows to develop and fine-tune private, secure, multimodal, multi-vertical, and hyper-personalized support for LLMs, diffusion, and GANs.

Data And Model Services

Data and Model Services optimizes and normalizes the multilayered processes of data management, science, and machine learning operations to accelerate time to value for our customers.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of SparkCognition, SGS leverages proven commercial
technologies to address pressing national security missions.

The journey begins with our purpose-built Generative AI Platform consisting of proprietary and award-winning machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, knowledge graph, and generative AI technologies—AI-first building blocks SGS uses to rapidly design and deliver highly-optimized readiness solutions.

Our foundational, low-code/no-code Data and Model Services workflow moves structured, semi-structured, or unstructured data toward discernment, from ingestion to storage to enrichment and contextualization. Spark Cognition’s end-to-end preprocessing, segmentation, tagging, extraction, semantic parsing, classification, graph representation, and custom code extraction pipeline equates to noise reduction at scale, delivering instant integration capability across all our products.

  • NLP Studio streamlines information access by automating document retrieval, classification, and advanced content analytics, turning unstructured data into actionable knowledge.
  • ML Studio automates machine learning tasks such as feature generation and selection and automatically builds multiple generations of models to find the best option for the developed solution.
  • Knowledge Studio transforms raw data into real-time insights, illuminating and analyzing complex and highly nuanced operational relationships to empower high-value decision-making.
  • Visual AI Studio unlocks transformational value from CCTV infrastructure with visual analytics to autonomously monitor safety, security, and situational awareness integrated with alerts, alarms, and automated triggers.
  • Generative AI Studio harnesses the power of generative AI to augment data-sensitive workflows by fine-tuning LLMs to use private corpuses with containerized security guardrails.

Productizing The Science Of AI To Solve Critical Government Defense Challenges


By turning broad-spectrum AI platform capabilities—aided by end-to-end data and model services—into repeatable and scalable products, SGS empowers its defense partners to proactively learn from their data, augment the intelligence of their personnel, accelerate digital transformation, and trend mission-capability rates higher.