Information Retrieval

SGS NLP technology enables users to conduct advanced machine-to-human dialogue to troubleshoot problems with high accuracy in natural language.

Semantic Search

NLP systems automatically understand the linguistic nuances, meanings, and relationships of domain-specific jargon, without additional training.

Augmenting Intelligence

Unlock unstructured data from a broad range of sources and streamline operational investigation and decision workflows with deep learning.

Automating Classification

NLP Studio autonomously groups documents such as records, emails, reports, contracts, financial documents, etc., by similarity so they can be integrated into core data repositories.

Accelerate Resolution

The ability to transform rich data sources into structured data creates knowledge dissemination efficiencies to aid process automation, remedy analysis, and predictive modeling.

Improve Outcomes

NLP facilitates high-value outcomes like minimizing operational costs, capturing tribal knowledge, reducing human error, streamlining processes, and improving job satisfaction.

Structured data is data that can easily be represented as a table—spreadsheets, SQL databases, time-series data, etc—i.e., machine-readable data.

But what about other kinds of data? Unstructured data, created for human consumption, is much harder to access and analyze at scale, so it’s frequently siloed away from workflow integrations. As much as 80% of enterprise data is considered unstructured and spread across highly varied formats, including PDFs, docs, books, journals, audio, video, images, notes, analog data, and so on.

SGS leverages proven commercial technologies, including SparkCognition NLP Studio, as a launchpad to tailor applications for the DoD to unlock previously unavailable insights and knowledge within unstructured data. Using advanced ML techniques to automate the retrieval of information, classification of documents, and content analytics, NLP Studio automatically groups documents and other richly formatted sources by similarity so they can be easily searched to provide deeper insights and enhance decision-making.

  • SGS Digital Maintenance Advisor’s Augmented Debrief module captures equipment and operational deficiencies directly from the end-users, applying natural language processing and machine learning to analyze system inputs as well as historical data logs and reports.
  • Expedites mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) for less-experienced personnel to identify the proper maintenance action faster through knowledge capture and root cause ID features.
  • Reduces the amount of time maintainers spend hunting down tools, publications, and subject matter experts.

Productizing The Science Of AI To Solve Critical Government Defense Challenges


Digital Maintenance Advisor is an explainable artificial Intelligence (EAI) modular software solution at the cross-section of maintenance and operations.

Addressing key challenges with applied EAI that maintainers want to use, DMA helps personnel rapidly and more effectively troubleshoot maintenance issues in and on complex weapons systems—leading to outcomes like improved fleet availability and mission capable rates, improved maintainer quality of life and retention, and improved overall force readiness.