Anomaly Detection

Machine learning models can detect anomalies to determine if an asset or process is in need of attention or maintenance before an event like a critical failure.

Normal Behavior Modeling

SparkCognition has pioneered approaches to understanding normal machine behavior vs. significant deviations from that norm to contextualize maintenance alerts and reduce false positives.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance leverages real-time data of deployed assets and normal behavior modeling to ascertain the optimal time to perform maintenance while watching for emergent failures that require urgent repairs to prevent unexpected downtime.

Prescriptive Insights

Machine learning unlocks prescriptive insights to help decision-makers and asset maintainers troubleshoot problems faster, perform root cause analysis, and leverage unstructured data sources to identify corrective actions.

Asset Performance

By reducing complexity and unlocking predictive insights, machine learning accelerates digital transformation in defense manufacturing—improving mission readiness trajectories by cutting through the noise to find actionable insights.

Process Optimization

End-to-end AI and machine learning solutions allow fleet maintenance teams to achieve a 360° view of sustainment operations and understand relationships between historical and current work orders to optimize throughput.

Our ability to achieve mission readiness goals depends in part on the performance and resilience of the defense department’s manufacturing ecosystem.

SparkCogntion Government Systems Industrial AI Platform automates data ingestion and AI model building to help defense manufacturing operators detect anomalous behavior and address emerging issues in critical assets and systems before they lead to unplanned downtime, unscheduled maintenance, and other undesirable outcomes.

Perfected over a decade of real-world engagements in the commercial sector, SGS Industrial AI Platform is a best-in-breed predictive maintenance and asset performance solution adapted for national defense mission use cases. SGS Industrial AI Platform enables predictive to prescriptive workflows, automated data integration and ML model-building, enhanced AI-enabled planning and visualization, and more to extract insights from structured and unstructured data types, unlocking unprecedented operational value and steady throughput.

  • Enhance transparency with live monitoring of KPIs.
  • Empower reliability engineers and maintenance personnel with multi-asset, hierarchical operational visibility.
  • Accelerate maintenance resolution rates by consolidating data research and eliminating guesswork.
  • Prevent unnecessary repair and replacement.
  • Increase throughput and uptime by reducing the time required to resolve performance issues.

Productizing The Science Of AI To Solve Critical Goverment Defense Challenges


SGS Industrial AI Platform for Defense provides a scalable solution that harnesses the power of AI to enable real-time KPI monitoring, proactive maintenance systems, and 360° visibility into operations, enabling defense manufacturers to extract actionable insights from configurable data pipelines connected to structured and/or unstructured datasets. Perfected over ten years of real-world engagements, Industrial AI Platform has yielded outcomes in past deployments, including the ability to increase production efficiency by up to 20%, alert on pending failures days, if not weeks, in advance, and avoid potentially millions of dollars in maintenance costs.