Proactive Vigilance

With the ability to identify, analyze, and alert on events captured by video cameras in real-time, 24/7, Visual AI technology provides always-on vigilance to stop accidents and threats proactively.

Autonomous Alerting

Configure role-based alerts to notify designated personnel immediately or initiate onsite alarm/lockdown procedures when proactive computer vision monitoring reveals a threat.

Rapid Deployment

SGS Visual AI Advisor scales to thousands of cameras in days, works with standard CCTV infrastructure, consolidates all video feeds into a single UI, and ships with prebuilt use cases.

Enhancing Safety

By consistently and comprehensively detecting, measuring, and addressing unsafe acts and near-misses before they lead to accidents, Visual AI improves both safety and productivity concurrently.

Increasing Security

Visual AI can autonomously identify the presence of a gun in an unauthorized location, a perimeter breach, a propped open door, etc., and immediately notify you when seconds count.

Force Multiplier

Computer vision transforms camera equipment from passive recording devices into intelligent force multipliers—bringing never-distracted intelligence to discern what’s really happening moment by moment across your facilities.

SGS uses commercially proven computer vision technology to develop visual AI solutions at scale for national security mission areas—delivering fit-for-purpose implementations tailored to the specific needs of military facilities.

Powerful visual analytics paired with real-time alerts increase personnel safety, base security, quality, productivity, and situational awareness.

SGS Visual AI Advisor is an easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy, highly configurable software solution that integrates with existing closed-circuit cameras and drones to detect, alert, track, and prevent incidents in real time. Wherever cameras can see, Visual AI Advisor can autonomously interpret the action, whether it’s detecting a person with a gun, someone needing first aid, suspicious behavior, unauthorized entry, safety procedure violations, or 125+ additional prebuilt use cases.

Visual AI Advisor’s best-in-class computer vision models analyze the situation at machine speed and will proactively warn designated personnel when needed while maintaining vigilance as the situation develops. Visual AI Advisor allows the DoD to unlock new and transformational value from its existing CCTV infrastructure to protect people and assets every second of every day.

  • Automate visual analytics on multiple real-time video streams at once.
  • Disperse crucial information to security personnel (e.g., location, time, and visual ID) in real-time.
  • Maintain situational awareness inside and outside buildings 24/7.
  • Works with practically any camera system, including CCTV, PTZ, drones, and mobile devices.

Productizing The Science Of Ai To Solve Critical Government Defense Challenges


SGS Visual AI Advisor’s capacity to identify, analyze, and alert in real time, 24 hours a day—delivering accuracy and efficiency typically beyond human ability—empowers security and safety officers in military facilities to evolve from reactive to proactive corrective actions.

With its proven ability to see and understand visual data captured by common surveillance cameras, SGS Visual AI Advisor provides rapidly deployable, highly scalable, always-on visual analytics and alerts to proactively detect safety and security threats within military environments.