Real-time safety, security, and quality control.
Supply Management
Monitor inventory levels, storage, and flows.
Operational Awareness
Operationalize behavioral patterns and detect anomalies.
Detect Threats
Automate alerting and action for threats.
Infrastructure Monitoring
Monitor for necessary repairs and other actions.
Proactive Vigilance

SGS Visual AI Advisor leverages advanced computer vision technology to Identify and classify objects and determine the next best actions based on what cameras “see.”

Extremely Scalable

Run one or many use cases on a single camera or thousands of cameras with no requirement to upgrade existing camera equipment.

Rapidly Deployable

Visual AI Advisor is easily configured via drag-and-drop UI and ships with 125+ end-to-end computer vision use cases for safety, security, situational awareness, and more.

Security Use Cases

Visual AI Advisor transforms the value of your existing camera infrastructure to autonomously detect weapons, identify perimeter breaches, track and trace persons of interest, flag suspicious vehicles, and more.

Safety Use Cases

Visual AI Advisor provides valuable HSE alerts to ensure the safe conduct of personnel every day by tracking near-misses, slip/fall hazards, PPE and protocol compliance, person down, and other safety issues that directly and indirectly impact mission readiness.

Situational Awareness

With accuracy, scale, and attentiveness that greatly exceeds human capacity, Visual AI Advisor enhances situational awareness in defense environments, including face and license plate recognition, headcount and heatmap, loitering in unauthorized areas, and more high-value use cases.

SparkCognition Government Systems Visual AI Advisor utilizes computer vision and AI to transform video feeds into actionable insights. It can detect and classify objects, scenes, and situations, enabling proactive decision-making based on real-time video data.

Adapting proven technology that’s been used by ~150K cameras across 17 countries to strengthen security, enhance productivity, and prevent accidents, Visual AI Advisor transforms the value of the DoD’s existing CCTV infrastructure to detect real-time threats to people and physical assets.

SGS Visual AI Advisor’s capacity to identify, analyze, and alert in real time, 24 hours a day—delivering accuracy and efficiency typically beyond human ability—empowers security and safety officers in military facilities to evolve from reactive to proactive corrective actions.

  • 24x7 autonomous security monitoring and alert solution leveraging virtually any camera type or CCTV system.
  • Adheres to rigorous standards in data access and security to comply with DoD IT environments.
  • Does not require storage of any streaming media. All data is analyzed in real time to prevent data leakage.
  • Automatically detects weapons and active threat situations inside and outside buildings to identify threats before they escalate (e.g., a person scaling a fence or entering through a restricted entrance).
  • Provides real-time awareness of PPE violations, persons in distress, trip hazards, near misses, and more safety issues.

Proven For High-value Mission Sets


The proprietary computer vision technology that powers SGS Visual AI Advisor has been hardened and matured over hundreds of deployments on thousands of cameras over many years in the industrial and education space. It is trusted to protect public and private school K-12 students and faculties from active shooter threats, ensure the safety of offshore oil platform workers, and improve the HSE performance of manufacturers across the globe.

With its proven ability to see and understand visual data captured by common surveillance cameras, SGS Visual AI Advisor provides rapidly deployable, highly scalable, always-on visual analytics and alerts to proactively detect safety and security threats within military environments.