Pacific Fleet AOR in Indo-Pacific covers this amount of Earth’s surface.


Tankers required to support the Pacific mission (with additional risk due to attrition).


The amount of oil and gas DLA Energy procures and transports for the DoD.

Encompassing the entirety of our sustainment process, contested logistics in the 21st century demands both data-driven precision and strategic mobility.

From our depots and industrial base to the operational theatre, from the theatre ports of debarkation to the front lines, we must expect that at every stage of sustainment, we will encounter opposing forces that will need to be overcome—militarily, economically, and in all domains.

“Amateurs talk tactics, but professionals study logistics.”

General Robert H. Barrow
27th Commandant of the Marine Corps

Sustaining the contested logistics mission in this rapidly evolving and increasingly autonomous era of warfighting relies on optimizing our capacity to activate all data sets with ready-made AI pipelines. These pipelines must be hardened and matured across a diverse group of use cases and problem sets, and enabled by expertise balancing deep data science, SW engineering, and domain proficiency to achieve:

  • Improved inventory management at forward-deployed locations.
  • Faster decision-making and reduced complexity.
  • More robust recommendations for enhancing overall operations.

How AI Enhances
Contested logistics

Maximizing domain awareness

AI enables planners and operators to fuse diverse data sets, discover real-time insights, and use recommended COAs to speed decision cycles and reduce the threat of adversaries impacting missions.

  • Shortens OODA loops.
  • Reduces adversarial threats on key missions.
  • Enhance decision-making.
Unlocking real-time data analysis

Complex operational challenges rely on diverse commercial, open-source, and sensitive data sets in various forms. AI solutions harness the value of this data with the ability to analyze and run models to support critical operations.

  • Leverage diverse data sets.
  • Create richer insights.
  • Augment human cognition.
Enabling predictive outcomes

Looking beyond the current state is required to stay ahead of threats. AI pipelines enabled by expertise and maturity across a diverse group of use cases and problem sets can ensure accuracy and effectiveness.

  • Innovative, proven AI pipelines.
  • Continuous model learning cycles.
  • Recommend COAs to improve outcomes.

Solving The Problem


In the future fight, our ability to operate effectively in an environment with threats emanating from all domains and across our supply chain cannot be taken for granted. Decision-making will pivot on innumerable variables and inputs from diverse data sources and types. Advanced analytics and explainable AI solutions will be essential levers impacting operational planning and decision-making for contested logistics. SGS Multi-Domain Awareness Advisor (MDAA) provides real-time data analysis and prediction capabilities to plan and optimize logistics scenarios in contested environments.